Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf – A Game Day Winner!

We had our first football season house party during a Saints pre-season game, and we went BIG with the menu! We wanted to try our hand at one of the newer BBQ trends, “a bacon fatty.” This game day feature had a few nicknames: the $27 meatloaf, a bacon fatty, and the list continued. Of course, the Swampy Pit was hot and smokin’. Because we had nothing but rave reviews, we had to post this recipe. We took pics of the step by step preparation to help share the recipe.

Step One: Layer a flat baking pan or cookie sheet with wax paper. Using thick cut bacon, create a bacon weave. Need help? Try this video:

Step Two: Season the ground beef in a mixing bowl. We added one egg, Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and Swamp Dirt, and mixed it by hand. We laid out a layer of aluminim foil and spread the ground beef mixture into flattened rectangle.

Step Three: Layer the rest of the ingredients.

Layering Ingredients:
- ground Italian sausage
- sliced veggies
- shredded cheese

We used slices of four bell peppers — green, red, orange and yellow. For cheese, we had a block of smoked gouda, so we shredded that and layered it on top the veggies.

Step Four: Roll the mixture into a loaf, and tuck in the ends to keep in the veggies and cheese.

Step Five: Layer the bacon weave onto the meatloaf. This takes some delicate handling, but you can see in our photos if you lay the bacon on the top, you can  roll to tuck the sides underneath.

Step Six: Smoke uncovered until center temp is 165 degrees.

Step Seven: Slice and serve!

photo2    photo1

  photo3Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf