BBQ Pits & Boiling Pots

Swampy Pits began producing hand crafted BBQ pits and grills for outdoor cooking and catering in early 2011. Currently there are two models available:  The Swampy™ and The Swamp Monsta™.

The Swampy™
The owners of Swampy Pits have designed the ultimate outdoor cooking machine. Some call it a Cajun microwave, and others call it a roaster or smoker. Whatever you call it, the Swampy™ is what every man needs for cooking!

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The Swampy










The Swamp Monsta™

The Swamp Monsta debuted at the 2012 Hogs for the Cause in New Orleans’ City Park. In 24 hours, the pit cooked 2 fifty-pound hogs, 14 pork butts, 30 racks of ribs, 5 large pans of macaroni and 1 large pan of bread pudding.

The research and development took a couple of months, but the engineering exceeded everyone’s expectations. The pit features electronic controls for temperature maintenance. And an extra special touch – door handles and a ledge made of imported Brazilian ipe wood.

This pit is perfect for a start up restaurant or a catering company.

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The Swamp MonstaThe Swamp Monsta BBQ Pit






















The Swamp Pot™ (SOLD!)

The Swamp Pot was designed by Tim Killian out of a rinse water tank. He figured “It can hold water, so it can become a boiling pot.” In just a few days a well tuned and sturdily built pot and burner were tested and ready for cooking. The Swamp Pot debuted at the inaugural Crawfish Mambo at the University of New Orleans in May 2012. The pot can handle cooking four sacks of crawfish at one time and the water comes to a full boil in only 20 minutes.