We Were Drafted by the Funky Meaters for Hogs 2014

Mmmm. Ribs!

Mmmm. Ribs!

It’s that time of year again. The smell of welding and cooking in the driveway. That’s what it’s like at Swampy Pits in early March. We are prepping for our third year to compete at Hogs for the Cause in New Orleans. But there are some different twists this year.

We were drafted by another team, the Funky Meaters.


“Our Drinking Team has a Cooking Problem”

Here’s how it happened. We got a direct tweet from @blackbettysmoke after Three Men and A Pig (our team) had decided not to register for the 2014 event. It was a hard decision not to go in with our friends and family this year, but it takes alot of resources to put together a quality cooking team for the event and we didn’t think we could make it happen this year. Then we were spotted smoking chicken for a gumbo cookoff at St. Christopher School by a friend of the Funky Meaters. After they did some reading up on us, they sent a tweet asking if we “were a smoker without a team.” Well not anymore!

Joining the Funky Meaters has been alot of fun. They have selected two of our guys and nicknamed them “Three Man” and “Mutter Bean”. We’ve done some practice cooking, and drinking, and drinking, and feel like it is a natural fit. This is a strong team, great people, all working toward raising money for a great cause. And our new friends, the Funky Meaters, have a personal connection to pediatric cancer, having lost a family member, Ms. Ainsley Daussat. This year’s Funky Meaters cooking team and booth are being presented in her memory!

Buy your tickets now for the 2014 Hogs for the Cause cook-off on March 28-29, 2014 and select the Funky Meaters as your team when prompted. This tracks our team fundraising.