Gearing up for the Holidays!

Here at Swampy Pits, we do a lot of cooking around the holiday seasons. We tend to host the family at our home for Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve (but we usually go somewhere else for Christmas.) It is nice that our family members all cook a dish to help build the holiday menu. But we tend to start cooking for Thanksgiving and then just don’t stop! There are parties to go to each weekend, and we never show up empty handed. Giving a foodie gift to a holiday party host makes a great impression. Here’s an easy recipe idea to help you whip together something yummy to share.

Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball

(2) 8 oz packages of cream cheese, room temp
1/2 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup bacon crumbles, divided
1 package of Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix
1. Place cream cheese in a medium sized mixing bowl.

2. Mix with mixer until both blocks are combined.

3. Add in ranch dip mix and mix well.

4. Blend in shredded cheddar and 1/2 cup of the bacon crumbles.

5. Once mixed, using your hands, form into a ball.

6. Roll the ball into the remaining 1/2 cup of bacon crumbles.

7. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving.