Cookin’ Ideas

We wanted to share some of the cookin’ ideas that we’ve gathered since we really started to pay attention to the culinary arts, including outdoor cooking. The following info is not in any order and some of the content has come from our own experience, our neighbors, relatives and our Facebook and Twitter friends. Send us more at


Our Top 10 Grilling TipsSwampy Pit, ribs

1. You can cook anything on the grill if it is wrapped up in an aluminum foil packet. We’re fond of putting veggies on the grill, like broccoli with olive oil and Swamp Dirt and a touch of water to help them steam.

2. If you have fire, you can cook. Doesn’t matter the size or quality of your grill. Just try to keep the hottest area hot and always place your food to the outer edge of the fire’s rim.

3. Keep a flashlight handy. We almost always need a light source when grilling outdoors. Night-time is the right-time. Especially if you are cooking slow and low during the night.

4. When cooking ribs, we like to keep them directly on the grill at low temp for at least three hours. After they come off, we wrap them in tight foil to rest for 30 minutes before eating.

5. Don’t look over the pit when you’re lighting it.

6. Smoke is a powerful for creating taste. Soaking wood chips before placing them inside the grill helps them smolder longer and creates more smoke.

7. Make sure you buy long-handled cooking utensils. That way you don’t get burned when tending to the meat at the back of the rack.

8. The best tools to clean a grill are a stainless steel scrubber and a bowl of water. And it cleans easiest when the grill is still hot.

9. Don’t apply your sauce until you are almost done cooking atop the grill. That will keep it from burning or charring.

10. Whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET to have your favorite beverage in your free hand.


The Many Uses of Swamp Dirt

1. sprinkle on popcorn

2. sprinkle lightly on top of deviled eggs to add color and flavor

3. mix with olive oil and use as a rub on poultry

4. sprinkle on eggs, omelettes, or mix with quiche ingredients before baking

5. macaroni and cheese

6. red beans and rice

7. meatloaf

8. green peas

9. chicken, fish, ribs, pork chops, burgers, shrimp–ANY MEAT that you bake, grill, broil etc.

10. mix into flour or fish fry before adding batter to meat

11. haven’t tried this, but someone said it may work well on jellyfish stings!